Update on Morphis component Development.

Previously an email was sent seeking opinions on gear ratio for the new Helical pinion option. A 17T helical pinion & 112T helical main gear resulting in a 6.6 gear ratio  or   A 16T helical pinion & 112T helical main gear resulting in a 7.0 gear ratio .

A 6.6 ratio has been selected as this ratio is better suited to the G290RC, providing higher head speed at less engine RPM resulting in less vibration i.e. 1900 rpm head speed * 6.6 ratio = 12540 rpm engine speed which is out of the vibration territory with the standard G290RC engine.
  We are going with the 6.6 ratio in Helical gears, this has been the general consensus.


Helical Pinion

M5 thread will be the standard on the new pinion.

Both Vertigo hex drive options have been investigated, & eliminated. The Massive 8mm bolt upgrade caused the walls of the pinion to be to thin a certain sections, & even if mounted from the underside  interference with clutch due to the bolt head size was found.

The threaded shaft option & lock nut was leaning to a two part pinion, this option was eliminated due to additional complexity & compounding run out issues caused by three components. We will be keeping the original Key way clutch bell design being used but pilot drilling out the M4 to M5. The thread is located within the pinion so the only work is drilling through the existing clutch thread.



For Drone use AP etc The 54 Tooth Tail pulley file is now available please email & I will send you the file, it will be also be available for everyone else to download on the site soon. For some of you AP guys following gasser forums be careful that you are not setting up for a 3D screamer. You will want to tune to max torque curve not max power minus vibe fringe. That puts you in approximately  10 000rpm range with the G290, I would recommend 1500 head speed. The 1:6 tail ratio will give you strong tail authority at low head speed with the two bladed system without addition cost or complexity of a scale tail or tri blade tail.

At 1900 head speed 42T XL pulley tail rotor rpm = 1900 * 4.67 = 8873rpm

At 1500 head speed 54T XL pulley tail rotor rpm = 1500 * 6.0 = 9000rpm

You will need to use the longer XL 788 Belt & 830mm boom with 690 blades if you still plan to fly inverted.




Spur Main Gear & Generator gears.

 M1 involute Main gear & gen gear designs have been modified & finalized. The Main gear has been reinforced & final files prepared. Modifications to design include a 12 spoke design & thicker edge & rib beams. If the Carbon Polymer does not live up to expectations will be looking at running a cnc batch in a new Delrin compound.


Still going strong with the Carbon Polymer including a few crashes.