less components & more value for money

Certain components have been dropped for example the tail plates, aluminium tail pulley & clutch liner to help drive the price down. 3D printable files of these components & many more listed below are standard with the kit.

What you will find in your kit;

Frame files in DXF format

3DP Tail component files in STL format

20 items of G10 frame components

  • Two 2.5mm main side frames
  • Two 14T pinion running gear alignment & stiffening plates 2.5mm
  • Two 17T pinion running gear alignment & stiffening plates 2.5mm
  • One 2.5mm heat deflector
  • Four 2.5mm frame braces & component trays
  • Two 2.5mm fuel tank isolator holders
  • One 5mm bottom engine mount
  • One 5mm top engine & generator mount
  • One 2.5mm tail belt guide bottom mount
  • One 2.5mm tail belt guide top mount
  • One 2.5mm equipment tray over belt drive tail boom holders
  • One 2.5mm boom mounted tail servo holder
  • One 2.5mm tail guide holder spacer plate.

6 items of High Precision CNC T6 6061 Aircraft grade Aluminium Components

  • One aluminium clutch holder for lynx clutch in clear anodized finish
  • Two tail boom holders black anodized finish
  • Two tail pulley guide mounting brackets
  • One Anti-rotation bracket
2 * 17T pinions in 4130 high tensile strength Alloy Steel
  • One 17T pinion for lynx clutch system
  • One 17T pinion for Zenoah clutch system
12 Hardware components
  • 1 off M6*12mm 8.8 grade bolt with 12mm flat washer  & spring washer (engine shaft)
  • 4 off M5*25mm grade 12.9 socket cap bolts/screw (Engine base plate)
  • 4 off M5*16mm grade 12.9 countersunk bolts/screw (Top Engine mount)
  • 2 off M4*10mm grade 12.9 socket cap bolts/screw (clutch to clutch housing)
  • 1 off M4*30mm grade 8.8 bolt (clutch to pinion Zenoah setup)

Additional frame components required

  • Upper bearing block H70119T (700 DCF)
  • Lower bearing block H70120T (700 DCF)
  • Standard bearing block H70113
  • HN7075T Main shaft spacers
  • Metal engine bearing block set HN7087T or Engine bearing block set HN7083 (plastic) or Align H7NB010XXW (Trex 700N DFC) with two 7mm aluminium or G10 spacer plates.
  • 2 packs HN7048T hexagonal bolt set
  • 2 packs HN6019 600N frame mounting block
  • H70T001XXW tail boom holder (do not order if using belt drive)
  • HN7045 700N Pro Fuel tank (any 700n fuel tank can be modified for use)
  • Please read manual before ordering components

The Morphis  is gasserheli’s  Trex700 gas conversion PLUS a little more. Rather than designing a conversion for every Trex700 model or a specific model, the emphasis has been to sit down & design a versatile light & effective gasser specific module utilizing Trex700 components & addressing areas of design concern. The key emphasis with the Morphis is modulation design with the ability to accept not only Trex mechanics but a wide variety of components & mechanics as well, including gasserheli OEM belt tail components.

A special emphasis on this project is that parts should not keep a bird grounded & to allow full customization of performance capability. Align components have proven to be a reliable cost effective parts base that are available worldwide, comparable to the GM-Ford base in the automotive industry which is used in hotrods, streetmachines, restorations, track off road etc.
The use of a Bespoke Heli as donner will ultimately have a short product life & also difficult & expensive to source & replace. The use of popular & off the shelf components in conjunction the the ability to self replicate or manufacture through the files provided will ultimately guarantee longevity.

The Trex 700 Nitro has had 3 variations of frame width 68mm, 61mm & 47mm. The variations of the Trex700e have all maintained 61mm frame width including the 800e. Decision to uniform & standardize to 61mm frame width for a number of reasons

  1. Best direct servo to swash layout geometry with no vectoring of the linkage. (Linkage needs to be perpendicular & not angled)

  2. The majority of the 700e series shares the same frame width as the 800e.

  3. More Readily available upgrades & clone components for the 61mm frame width.

  4.  The 800e tail boom mount will bolt straight on, allowing for a 24mm boom diameter rather than the 21.5mm & swing 815mm blades rather than the 21.5mm boom 800 stretch kit (21.5mm boom & swing 790-800 blades. A note for scale builders.

Key design aspects include:

  •  Able to accept two clutch systems within the one frame set. The Trex700 clutch bell with lynx clutch or the Zenoah clutch & HPI bell allowing for full clutch adaptability to flying style & preference.
  • Upgraded clutch liner for the lynx clutch. The standard Aramid glass composite liner has been susceptible to slip in a high load condition & early wear.

  • When using Zenoah clutch a one way bearing attachment to the starter tool is being designed rather than on the heli to reduce weight.

  • One frame set supports both 17T pinion (700) & 14T pinion (800) without the need to purchase additional frame sets.

  • Direct servo to swash & DCF compatible with no vectoring of linkage.

  • Light & rigid design to strength ratio.

  • Able to customize to either 24mm boom TT or 25mm designated belt drive within the one frame set.

  • A well designed designated tail belt drive system in a gasser has an advantage with maintenance & vibration issues effecting bearing life & harmonics through the air frame. Fact “There is no such thing a vibration free helicopter in existence, it’s a delicate balance of taming harmonics so that they don’t become destructive forces. If you want a totally vibration free bird purchase a glider.

  • Tank vibration isolation

  • On board generator to be in constant drive even at idle & does not interfere with top start or bottom pull start. The same position has been designed for future starter.

  •  We will be sticking with the Zenoah RC engine format, our heli’s will be growing larger in scale not smaller “size does matter”.

Flying weight will depend on a number of factors such as clutch system, servo selection, engine & air filter selection whether you fly with a canopy or not. I have had a build down to 5.28 kg with v2 tail components stock air filter /exhaust, no canopy, lower torque servos & 2mm composite frames. The  average  build will be between 5.5 to 6.5 kilograms depending on how much bling you pack on. One Light weight high powered option currently being tested by Stevo is 2mm Carbon frames & base plate, 5mm G10 Top engine mount & 2mm alumiunm side reinforcing plates & Carbon 3D printed tail belt system & tail boom. The files now come standard with all kits & allows total variable weight, stiffness & durability tunning.

The tail belt drive is a designated belt drive system able to accept 25mm booms & an additional 14mm clearance from the main blades which is a critical bonus for DCF heads with boom strikes whilst inverted due to the reverse coning of the blades & lowered head combination, while an additional 8mm ground clearance over its electric & nitro counterpart is still maintained. If using the 800e 24mm TT tail additional 800e main shaft should be used if to be inverted providing necessary clearance (not necessary with belt drive as clearance provided).

Compatible Belt systems & ratios to bolt straight on are;

  • Gasserheli 25mm boom Carbon Polymer 3d printed tail components for 6mm tail shaft & direct fit of align tail components.
  • The Mikado Logo 690SX  tail (25mm boom) 690mm blades.
  • With a light sanding, reaming or machining (0.25mm) of the internal boom holder diameter the TZ 90 tail will fit straight on & swing 710mm blades.
  • Compass 7HV & Chronos tail may also be used. The tail drive pulley will need to be changed to an XL pulley & the tail boom servo holder to face up towards the blades as the tail rod linkage runs on top of the boom. 710mm blades.
  • RADICAL G20 Tail components for 25mm boom (boom & belt to short but pinion is for XL belts)

The Mikado tails will swing 690mm blades. If you desire to swing up to 710mm blades replace the stock 770XL belt with a 788XL belt & purchase a stock length of 25mm 0.5mm thick aluminium tube or carbon fibre tube & cut to 830mm length (no slots or alignment holes a simple straight cut). The frenzy belt is also a 788XL belt & boom length is also 830mm.

Gasserheli 3D printed tail components

Upper Components Carbon Polymer Lower Nylon 12

Introducing a new concept in the replacement & upgrading of Morphis Tail components.
Simple, Light, Dependable components that will not be plauged by availability or discontinued issues.

The materials evaluated & tested for use are SLS carbon fibre polymer, SLS graphite polymer & SLS 12 Nylon. 

The Morphis 3DP components are prepared STL cad files to be used at selected print services. Designed to accept Trex 700/800 tail components (tail blade grips,hub, pitch slider, pitch slider lever & tail shaft with plastic bevel gear removed) .

The additive manufacturing process commonly known as 3D printing has until recently been mainly a prototype tool, however this is changing at an exponential rate with properties of new materials fast approaching & in some cases exceeding traditional material values & resolution not only matching traditional tolerances but removing the limitations of traditional tooling.

It is not possible to achieve the quality, strength or even print the material we have in mind on a few thousand dollar desktop printer, "yet". That is why we are negotiating with a print bureau service. Carbon plastic is now used within formula 1 parts manufacturing ranging from brackets to body panels.
Bearing blocks & other components are also in target. A significant weight cut is achievable in re-thinking traditional plate & aluminium component design.

Click on the file & enter code to download
Left side tail case 3DP TAIL/Right tail case half.STL
Trex 700/800 shaft pinion Gartt 700 shaft pinion

5.4 mm diameter guide hole

Drone Low Headspeed use;

For Drone or AP use make sure that you are not setting up for a 3D screamer. You will want to tune to max torque curve not max power minus vibe fringe. This will give you the least vibration, best fuel range with the least engine & component wear. That puts you in approximately  10 000rpm range with the G290, I would recommend 1500 head speed for position 1. The 54T XL Pulley will result in a 1:6 tail ratio that will give you strong tail authority at low head speed with the two bladed system without addition cost or complexity of a scale tail or tri blade tail. The 42T minimum head speed will be at around 1700.

At 1900 head speed 42T XL pulley tail rotor rpm = 1900 * 4.67 = 8873rpm

At 1500 head speed 54T XL pulley tail rotor rpm = 1500 * 6.0 = 9000rpm

You will need to use the longer XL 788 Belt & 830mm boom with 690 blades if you still plan to fly inverted.


Two 696 full Ceramic Zirconia Oxide (ZrO2) ball bearings for the tail shaft or quality 696vv sealed self lubricating bearings are required or 696. The  bearing dimensions are 6mm (inside diameter 'd') * 15mm (outside diameter 'od') * 5mm (width).
One 693zz bearing of dimensions 3mm (inside diameter 'd') * 8mm (outside diameter 'od') * 4mm (width) is required for the anti skip bearing which may also be omited.

Full ceramic bearings can be run completely dry. They do not need lubrication to run. Ceramic is non-porous, unlike steel, as a result it is virtually frictionless.
Ceramic also dissipates heat very quickly. Because there is no heat buildup and virtually no friction, they do not require lubrication.
Constant lubrication in both cases is not required.
Lubricate the tail shaft & grips with PTFE spray lubricant (teflon spray) which is safe to use on plastics & composite materials,it also does not contribute to a high greasy residue buildup.

Lorenzo De Angelis