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Our commitment & energy is purley focused towards the development of intelligent, affordable large scale gasoline RC platforms. The main advantages of the gasser helicopter over its electric & nitro powered counterparts are; extended range/ flight time, greater pay load capacity & realistic scale flight performance.
We use the Zenoah RC format over other formats & small displacement gasoline engines for the following reasons:


  • Parts availability, popularity & economy.
  • The RC format runs noticeably cooler & smoother.
  • 3rd party engine performance Builders & Developers support.
  • Increase of displacement & power with the ability to swing larger blades.
  • Contrary to popular belief there is little weight penalty when final flying weight is calculated over PUH.
  • A proven bullet proof durability track record over newer small gasoline displacement engines not up to the task & loading demand.
  • Simplicity,reliability & longevity; ready to run out of the box with no other systems required such as cooling, ignition & starting.

Trex 700 gasser, gasser conversion, gasser heli Trex 700 gasser, gasser conversion, gasser heli
TT Drive

** $330 USD complete Kit**
frame files & 3d print files

Certian components have been dropped from the kit as an example the tail plates, XL aluminium tail pulley & clutch liner to drive the price down. 3D printable files of improved components & many more are included with the kit in addition to frame files.
The Morphis  is gasserheli’s  Trex700 gas conversion PLUS a little more. The key emphasis with the Morphis is modulation design with the ability to accept not only Trex mechanics but a wide variety of components & mechanics as well, including gasserheli OEM belt tail components.

Align components have proven to be a reliable & a cost effective parts base that are available worldwide, comparable to the GM-Ford base within the automotive industry, which has been a strong force in hotrods, streetmachines, restorations, track & off road.
The use of a Bespoke Heli as donner will ultimately lead to a short product life & also become difficult & expensive to source & replace parts in time. The use of popular & off the shelf components in conjunction with the ability to self replicate or manufacture through the files provided will ultimately guarantee longevity, a major concern expressed & voiced by many.

In brief;
  • Based on Trex 700e-800e components.
  • Highly tunable & adaptable.
  • Specifically tailored to withstand the G290RC under high load demand.
  • Able to accept both Zenoah & Align clutch systems within the one frame set.
  • TT or designated Tail Belt drive systems within the one frame set. 
  • Updated clutch liner available for the Lynx clutch.
  • Multiple pinion support within the one frame set, 17T pinion M1, 14T pinion M1 &16T M1 helical pinion.
  • Multiple boom diameter supported 22.5mm & 24mm for TT, 25mm & 25.4mm diameter booms for Belt drive.
  • Direct servo to swash control with no vectoring of linkages.
  • On board generator support without top/bottom starter interference & full drive engagement at idle.
  • 2.5mm G10 frames & 5mm G10 engine mounts.
  • Fuel tank vibration isolation with multiple Trex 700 fuel tank support.
  • Multi use, 3D, Sports, Scale module & Long range Commercial drone.
  • High strength, high Impact design saving rebuild cost & time.
  • Low weight to strength & rigidity ratio.
  • 18 months of constant development, specifically developed to perform flawlessly with a G290RC.
  • Manual available with kit purchase.
  • Assurance & security for parts replacement & availability; Align & clone parts base, Frame files, 3d printable components & files.
  • Zenoah RC Powered for those that require performance, durability & time after time reliability. 


Maverick - The kit is basically a redesigned heli using a montage of 550e, 600e & 700N mechanics & components.




The Maverick has been designed well beyond the scope of just a conversion kit; it is an extremely versatile & cost effective heli that can grow with your skill level, needs & budget. The Maverick is the ideal machine on the market for electric guys wanting to convert to the gasser world.

The kit is basically a redesigned heli using a montage of 550e, 600e & 700N mechanics & components based on 47mm frame width. 

You don’t necessarily need a donor kit, you can customize to your liking as parts are quite cheap & readily available for the 600e & 550 including 3rd party upgrades & DCF heads. A Trex550e is a popular donor kit,  If your keeping the 600 platform the G240RC or G230RC engine to is a good choice. (550 platform needs to stetched to 600)

In brief;

  • Third bearing main shaft holder position below autorotation gear.
  • Direct servo to swash drive eliminating bell cranks simplifying setup & providing clean quick crisp response.
  • Well balanced & stable flight characteristics with all modes of flight.
  • Double bearing clutch shaft holder eliminates slop & flex.
  • The starter shaft system is retained for those wishing to utilize & lighten.
  • Use of the Lynx LX0135 RevB gas clutch, Trex 700N clutch bell & starter shaft for the conversions.
  • Use of the stronger Module 1 Trek 700 main gear to eliminate gear strips.
  • 17T M1 high tensile pinion resulting in a 6.77 gear ratio. (Frame set also supports 14T pinion for 800 aerial filming rigs)
  • Advantage of one of the most cost effective & readily available mechanics & components with the ability to individually customize.
  • 6.5mm thick G10 engine mounting plates in x,y plane to reduce vibration to electronics.
  • 2.3mm thick G10 new side frames.
  • Stiff, strong & lightweight design.
  • A great 3D gasser that won't cost a small fortune for crash replacement parts, a machine that can be easily upgraded & customized to all flying levels & needs.
  • Easily converts into a 700 size machine with great performance. (two sized machines in the one kit)
  • One of the most versatile, cost effective & adaptable gasser kits on the market.